Im 16 Years Old I Need To Lose Wait And Chest Fat But Im Just Not Motavated To Work Out?

im very nervous about runing and people say push ups will make my chest bigger what should i do if i do push ups and sit ups my chest should flaten out wright please help me

I Am Guy (20 Years Old) I Am Fat And How Can I Lose Chest Fat ? I Have Fat In My Chest … I Am Sad … ?

Multiply your current weight by 10 then multiply your answer by 1.7…this will tell you how much calories you need per day in order to keep the same weight you are right now…so if your trying to lose should cut down about 200-700 calories per day calories a day.

I Want To Lose Chest Fat In 16 Years Old Peole Say You Have To Run But I Dont Want To Run Alone?

we walk the track in pe and we can play basket ball in the gym if we want do you think if i start playing backet ball i could lose weight