Why Would Your Friend Tell You Her Husband Is A Boob Man?

Is it just me or is that to much information?

Im A Sixteen Year Old Boy And I Would Like To Know How To Lose Fat In Our Chest Area?

tell me any good work outs that’ll help me lose fat in my chest area. I also don’t want a huge chest even if it’s muscle.

Im A Guy And I Wanna Lose Chest And Stomach Fat, How Long, How Much, And What Exercises Would I Hav To Do?

Im a 17 year old guy and i hav chest and stomach fat that i wanna lose, i hav no exercise equipment and i wanna know How long i hav to exercise a day, how frequent i hav to work out, how much i hav to work out during the workouts, and what type of […]

Would I Get More Best Answers If I Changed My Avatar To A Pic Of Man Boob Cleavage?

I dare you!!!! 🙂