What Is The Term For Man Boobs That Wont Go Away Without Surgery?

Ok, so there is a name for it, but I dont know the name. it is when guys have man boobs but the only way to get rid of it is to have surgery, and I was wondering how much that surgery would cost.

How Do I Lose Abdominal Fat Without Losing Chest, Arm, Back Muslce?

Basicly, im 5’8 175 and want to GAIN weight (about 5 lbs) but in muscle, but lose my abdominal fat. Problem is, to gain muscle you need to gain a little fat. Should i put on ten more pounds of muscle/fat, then start doing cardio? I take creatine and lift, but do no cardio, eat […]

Whats The Best Way To Lose The Fat Around Your Stomach Without Losing From Chest?

This is a good site to look at-http://sportsmedicine.about.com/cs/condi… Also your diet, which is what you already eat not what you are restricted to eating. Burn calories. Burn calories Burn calories. One last thing, hydrate drink enough fluids and stay away from sodas and all that other sugary garbage. Good luck to you.

How Can I Lose The Fat In My Chest Without Building Muscles?

I have man boobs and i hate them i mean they are huge but they dont sag down ND I WANT TO LOSE THEM WITHOUT LIFTING WEIGHTS…WHAT SHOULD I DO CARDIO?

What Is The Best Shirt To Swim In At The Beach Without Seeing My Man Boobs In The Water?

I need a little help i’m going to the beach tomorrow and the pool i pretty fat and have man boobs, and i was wondering what kind of shirt do i need to swim that isnt see threw? Cuz when i get out of the water the shirt sucks my body and see’s all of […]