Will I Lose Fat And Gain Muscle With This Workout?

Alright guys heres what I’ve been doing. Tell me what you think.. Monday, Wednesday, Friday -3 sets, 10 reps of Flat Chest Bench -3 sets, 10,10,8 Dumbell Flat Bench -3sets, 10 reps single Bicep curls -3 sets, 10 reps, straight bar Bicep burls 1 mile of running, and 2 miles on the bike Tuesday, Thursday […]

Man Boobs – Unsucessful Surgery – How To Deal With It?

I have undergone a surgery to my man boobs . I was informed that the breast tissues are completely taken off and soon i will find growth. It has been an year now that i had this operations and it looks teriible. It is worst than having man boobs as there is no growth in […]

My Friend Needs Help With His Man Boob Problem Plz Help?

ok my friend has man boobs that stick out kinda far lol like umm, an inch or so. we starting skool soon and he wants to hide them. so i told him to put athletic adhesive tape around it to hide them. the only problem is we aint sure if it’s gunna hold up when […]

If I Do 75 Chest Flys Everday 55 Knee Pushups Nd 60 Bench Presses With Dumbells Will He Help Me Lose Chest Fat?

ok trust me im am very atletic i am really good at basketball im young for my age nd can i beat highschoolers at bball with takes alot of atlectisism so i have jus little man boobs little nd a like bearly on tummy not much everywhere i am the average weight 150 5 “10 […]

Is It Wrong To Be Attracted To A Boy With Man Boobs?

There is a boy at my school that I kinda like and I would like to ask him out but I have noticed he has rather large man boobs! Is there something wrong with me to find this attractive?