Will Working Out Mostly My Back And Shoulders Help Get Rid Of Man Boobs?

Too much chest workout would cause an imbalance, causing man boobs, right? Heavy Metal Bands

If I Bench Press Light Weight High Reps This Summer, Will I Lose Chest Fat For August 20th?

school starts and i want to have a more defined chest that dosent seem fat. Do you think i can pull it off? what else do i need to do

If I Lose The Fat On My Chest, Will My Nipples Become Flat Too?

My nipples are very puffy and I’m a boy. Will they be flat if I lose all the fat on my chest?

How Long Will It Take For Me To Lose Fat From My Chest And Stomach ?

If I drink about roughly 8 cups of water each day, walk/jog/run for 1 hour a day, do 40 pushup and situps a day, and eat healthy food and no junk foood or soda?

How Long Will It Take Me To Lose My Fatty Small Man Boobs?

It feels like jello sort of. I am 12 years old. And weigh 122 pounds. But i have man boobs. What i have been starting doing is 25 minuutes 5x a week doing chrunches and chest flyes and bench preses with 8 pound dumbells (16 pounds together) And i have also been dieting a little […]