When Does Puberty End For Guys? Is It True That Man Boobs Disappear Once Puberty Is Over?

I don’t think I have Gynecomastia, I don’t feel a lump behind my nipples… I’m 15 years old, and weigh 120 lbs, people say I’m underweight. I think I lost a lot of weight when I was 14-15, used to be a little bit chubby. And i have man boobs. Will they go away at […]

How Do I Get Rid Of “man Boobs” When The Rest Of Me Is Smaller?

I’m now a medium or small for t-shirts but I’m too nervous about them because I have little “man boobs”. What do I do to get rid of them specifically?

Why Do My Upper Arms Scrape The Side Of My Man Boobs When I Walk?

I am 450 lbs. I am tired of my arms scrapping the side of my man boobs when I walk. Is there anyway I can fix this issue? Please help.

What Does It Mean When A Girl Touches Your Chest And You Have Man Boobs?

I dont really talk to girls alot but the other day a girl in my class asked me for something while she was standing in front of my desk and i was sitting in my desk. Then she touched my chest and i have man boobs because i have alot of fat on my chest […]

What Does It Mean When One Man Boob Or Pec Is Bigger Than The Other?

Hello Leddaboy, It means your normal, if you check, you ought to find one testicle bigger than the other too. Depending on how old you are, ie if you are in puberty, you might find that your breasts are getting embarrassingly larger. Don’t worry this too is normal and they shall return to their usual […]