Will Swimming Make My Chest Smaller, Im A Guy And Want To Lose Some Fat On Them?

I know swimming is a great excercise, but will it make my chest smaller and more muscular, also will it form abs, and burn fat around my body if i swim everyday about 1k straight. 10 points for awnser

My 19 Year Old Bf Has Man-boobs What Can He Do To Get Rid Of Them?

He is about 6ft but weighs around 290lbs and he is fat but he has man-boobs are the manboobs there just because he is fat or what? and how can he get rid of them? its affecting his self esteem allot.

How Many Of You Guys Had Man Boobs And Lost Them?? How? ?

I used to weigh 255 and dropped down to 155 and got back up to 165 im 6 foot. But I have man boobs they have gotten a lot smaller since I’ve been doing push ups. I’m just wondering how many other guys have had man boobs and how you lost them.

What Causes Man Boobs And How Can I Get Rid Of Them Without Using Protein Powders Etc?

I am 16 years old and i’m really getting worried about my man boobs, I just want a nice flat chest. Does anyone know what exercises i can do? Also i do not want to use protein powders etc.

How Do I Get Thin? Ive Got Man Boobs And Puffy Nipples, How Do I Get Rid Of Them?

Im 160cm and 61kg. Im kinda fat well chubby but people say im just chubby. My waist is 35inches and i have man-boobs and puffy nipples. How do i get thinner and get rid of my puffy nipples and manboobs? im 16 yrs old by the way.