Will Swimming Make My Chest Smaller, Im A Guy And Want To Lose Some Fat On Them?

I know swimming is a great excercise, but will it make my chest smaller and more muscular, also will it form abs, and burn fat around my body if i swim everyday about 1k straight. 10 points for awnser

How Do I Get Rid Of “man Boobs” When The Rest Of Me Is Smaller?

I’m now a medium or small for t-shirts but I’m too nervous about them because I have little “man boobs”. What do I do to get rid of them specifically?

If I Lose Chest Fat, Will My Nipples Get Smaller?

If you lose chest fat, then your nipples should also get smaller….right? Please answer…i hate having big nipples. The whole football team makes fun of me for it. Best answer gets 10 points! Please help…I really wanna know

If I Lose Chest Fat, Will Me Areolas Get Smaller?

For those that dont know, an areola is the dark skin around the nipple. I hate mine because they are big, and the football team makes fun of me for it. If I lose chest fat, will my areolas get smaller? PLEASE answer…i hate it. best answer gets 10 points