How Do I Get Rid Of Slight Man Boobs?

I’m a pretty skinny guy, 5’9″ and 140 lbs., yet I have small man boobs. They don’t sag, but it feels like I have a small layer of fat over my pectoral muscles. Are there any excercises or diets I can follow to get rid of this?

Im Skinny, 130 Pounds And 6 Feet Tall… But I Noticed I Just Grew A Slight Man Boob On My Right Nipple?????

its not noticeable but its a lil more pointy then my left nipple lol… it just happend 2… it never use to be this way… i just started taken skin remmedy pills a cppl weeks ago that could have caused it… What shuld i do to get rid of this little stub thing lol?