How Can I Lose Chest Fat Fast? Like Right Where The Nipple Is.?

when you do cardio to lose weight the body auto chooses where the fat is burnt of. id sugest to try out flys lying down as heavy as you can lift then do dumbell press after directly so fit in 2 exersises per set for around 10reps per exersise. 3sets. do this for 1 week […]

I Need To Lose Chest Fat Right Where The Nipple Is.?

my chest looks like a B the top part of my chest is toned but the lower chest if kinda fat. i need some lower chest exercises. i have one month. will i see resutlts?

Im Skinny, 130 Pounds And 6 Feet Tall… But I Noticed I Just Grew A Slight Man Boob On My Right Nipple?????

its not noticeable but its a lil more pointy then my left nipple lol… it just happend 2… it never use to be this way… i just started taken skin remmedy pills a cppl weeks ago that could have caused it… What shuld i do to get rid of this little stub thing lol?