If I Do 75 Chest Flys Everday 55 Knee Pushups Nd 60 Bench Presses With Dumbells Will He Help Me Lose Chest Fat?

ok trust me im am very atletic i am really good at basketball im young for my age nd can i beat highschoolers at bball with takes alot of atlectisism so i have jus little man boobs little nd a like bearly on tummy not much everywhere i am the average weight 150 5 “10 […]

If I Run Three Miles And Do Pushups Every Day Will I Lose My Man Boobs?

I have been running three miles a day and doing 50-80 pushups a day for the past three days. How long till I lose my man boobs and belly fat?

Can You Gain Muscle And Lose Chest Fat By Doing Pushups And Pullups/chinups?

Yes you can gain muscle tone in the area that you target. However, the fat that is on top of the muscle doesn’t belong to that muscle. Instead, it belongs to the entire body, and as such it will be removed in the reverse order that it was placed. Bottom line: for muscle toning, exercise […]

If I Do Pushups To Lose Chest Fat, Do I Do Them At Once Or Spread Out Thru The Day? ?

If I plan to do 100 push ups a day to lose chest fat, which do in sets of 10, should do them all at once (to be effective) or is it ok to spread them out through out the day? I was thinking doing 30-40 in the morning, 30-40 in the evening and 30-40 […]