I Am A 15 Year Old Boy Who Is Facing Man Boob Problems, I Am 140 Pounds And 5’10. Not Overweight. Suggestions?

Kay, so. I have a problem with man boobs and its not that bad, but it is noticeable when my shirt comes off. I am 140 pounds, 5’10 and do excersise and do chest workouts. Is there any workouts that would benefit me? Ive been doing incline dumbbell flies, flat dumbbell flies, bench press, dumbbell […]

I Am 14, About 5’10 And Weight 245 Pounds. How Do I Loose My Gut And Get Rid Of My Man Boobs?

I really like to play football, so i really don’t need to loose that much weight, just take some inches off my gut. I am really ashamed of my man boobs.

Im Skinny, 130 Pounds And 6 Feet Tall… But I Noticed I Just Grew A Slight Man Boob On My Right Nipple?????

its not noticeable but its a lil more pointy then my left nipple lol… it just happend 2… it never use to be this way… i just started taken skin remmedy pills a cppl weeks ago that could have caused it… What shuld i do to get rid of this little stub thing lol?