I Heard The Only Way To Lose Fat Rolls And Man Boobs Are Weight Training?

Is it true that is you have rolls and man boobs then if you work out you lose them? because ive lost 45 lbs and i want my man boobs and rolls gone

The Only Thing I Want To Lose Is Chest/belly Fat. What Eating Habits And Exercises Do I Follow?

In not possible to spot reduce fat in just one part of your body, like your belly. In order to lose belly fat you will need to lose the fat all over your body. In short you may need to start: 1) Eating healthier, this means: Eat smaller meals Eat more meals a day Don’t […]

Please Guys Only. Does Jackoffing Make Your Pubery Slower?(man Boob)?

if someone have man boob and its jackofing in his in puberty does dat make him his boob not get cured

What Is The Best Way To Lose Only Stomach/chest Fat?

im 16, 200-210lb, and about 6 feet tall. i like the way the rest of my body looks but i can stand to lose about 10-15 off my chest/stomach. what is the best thing to eat or do in a workout etc to lose the weight primarily on this part of me with out losing […]

Man Boob On Only One Side Of My Chest?

hi i have a man boob and some muscle underneath it on my left side of my chest but on the other side i dont have a man boob or any muscle at all. i was just wondering why this is so and what i can do to fix this