Im 16 Years Old I Need To Lose Wait And Chest Fat But Im Just Not Motavated To Work Out?

im very nervous about runing and people say push ups will make my chest bigger what should i do if i do push ups and sit ups my chest should flaten out wright please help me

Need To Lose Chest Fat In 3 Weeks!?

im going on vacation in 3 weeks and i have twenty pound weights to work with but that’s all is there any work outs that i can do daily to lose some chest fat and possibly get pecks?

I Need To Lose Chest Fat Right Where The Nipple Is.?

my chest looks like a B the top part of my chest is toned but the lower chest if kinda fat. i need some lower chest exercises. i have one month. will i see resutlts?

I Got Man Boobs And I Need To Know What Foods Have Zinc?

well first of all i really dont have man boobs my chest fat is making it seem like that n i see that Zinc Helps Reduce Chest Fat Pseudogynecomastia is what it is