How Many Sets/ Reps To Lose Fat Arms Ive Always Had?

im about 160 right now, ive lost 10 pounds in about 2 months. the fat on my stomach and legs has come off a bit but my arms have more or less stayed the same. they just have stretch marks on the back inside of my arms and on the sides i have a tiny […]

How Many Push Ups Should I Do A Day To Lose Man Boobs?

im 15 and i weigh 190 pounds. i have huge man boobs. i started running most of the week for more then 30 minutes a day. i also workout 4 days a week. but i want to know how many push ups a day i should do to lose man boobs.

How Many Of You Guys Had Man Boobs And Lost Them?? How? ?

I used to weigh 255 and dropped down to 155 and got back up to 165 im 6 foot. But I have man boobs they have gotten a lot smaller since I’ve been doing push ups. I’m just wondering how many other guys have had man boobs and how you lost them.

How Many Push Ups Do I Have To Do In Order To Lose Fat On My Chest?

I want to lose fat on my chest and I heard muscle replaces fat. My friend said to do 25 push ups every 3 sets. How long will it take to get rid of the fat on my chest? I will also run at the Gym when I go there and use Sauna for 15 […]