Whats A Good Way To Lose Manboob Fat Or W/e U Call It So I Could Have A Strong Chest?

i need to know a way to lose my chest fat

How Do I Ask My Parents For Man-boob Surgery?

its embarrassing and im only 14. im trying biking for extended periods of time but it sounds like surgery is really the only way to go.

What Excersises Can Get Rid Of “man-boob” Fat?

The best starting exercise for getting rid of ANY fat is pushing away from the table. After that, anything you do will be on the positive side – biking, swimming, walking, you name it.

How To Tighten “man-boob” Skin?

My boyfriend is extremely bothered by the way his chest looks. He has recently lost a lot of weight, and although he still has a ways to go, his issue now are his “man-boobs”. The thing is is that they’re not filled with excesse fat. It’s the saggy, stretched skin that’s left from him losing […]