How Do I Loose Excess Fat On My Chest Or Man Boobs?

Ok i have started running this week on the treadmill. im not very fat just around the chest area i have man boobs. so far ive been doing a mile each day. should i continue with this and how long will it take to lose my chest fat? i also have dumbbells and a barbell […]

What Is The Best Exercise To Flatten My Stomach And Loose My “man Boobs”?

I am on a strick diet and exercising to loose 40 pounds. I have been overweight with a belly and BIG MAN BOOBS for 30 years. I know my skin is streched out big time from all of my streach marks. I would like to know the best exercises to help me flatten my stomach […]

I Am 14, About 5’10 And Weight 245 Pounds. How Do I Loose My Gut And Get Rid Of My Man Boobs?

I really like to play football, so i really don’t need to loose that much weight, just take some inches off my gut. I am really ashamed of my man boobs.

Is There A Certain Excercise Or Routine To Help My Loose My Man Boobs?

Is there a certain excercise or routine to help my loose my man boobs? I just got a resistance band, and I’m starting to do situps, will those help eliminate my man boobs? Are man boobs even possible to eliminate and turn into muscle?

What Is The Best Exercise To Loose Man Boobs?

i am 140 lbs. and 5′ 4” and i have like 1 inch man boobs and like puffy nipples it is really embarasing and i would like to know what is the most effective exercise to loose this please help!