Do All Men Like Big Boobs? What Are The Perfect Boobs For You? Can Small Boobs Look Good For “boob Man?”

I just found out (by implying, hinting, asking indirectly) the guy whom I really like is a “boob man.” I appreciate his honesty, but I can’t help feeling a little insecure about my body image. I have barely B cup breasts. I am just wondering when a man says he’s a breast man, does he […]

How Do I Cut My Chest Fast? (i Mean Like Lose The Fat, Not Literally Cut).?

I have a little bit of fat around the nipple area, at the bottom of my chest. Everything else is fine. Like the upper, outside, inside. thts all fine. i need an exercise which doesnt use any equipment, somethin i can do whenevr i feel like it, like pushups but the only problem with pushups […]

How Can I Lose Chest Fat Fast? Like Right Where The Nipple Is.?

when you do cardio to lose weight the body auto chooses where the fat is burnt of. id sugest to try out flys lying down as heavy as you can lift then do dumbell press after directly so fit in 2 exersises per set for around 10reps per exersise. 3sets. do this for 1 week […]

How Can I Lose My Belly Fat, Chest Fat And Back Fat And Be Ripped In Like 5 Months?

Im 16 about 5’7 and about 178 lbs. and im tryin to look good for the summer. I REALLY NEED ADVICE

How Do I Lose The Fat In My Chest To Prevent It From Lookin Like A Woman’s Chest Or As They Say “man Bo*bs”?

im like 180 pounds and i want to lose this fat chest. what exercises/diets should help with this problem? and for how long should i do it. thanks a lot.