I Have A Small Layer Of Fat On My Chest, How Do I Get Rid Of It?

Its more muscle than fat, but i want to shred the fat, so that i can see my pecs better. I know that you must do cardio, but the problem with that is, that, I don’t want to be lean and cut, i wanna be HUGE and cut. So i figure that if i do […]

I Have Abs…and Man Boob?

I wanna know if Cardio exercise, specifically jogging, will make my abs go away. See I have a 6 pack, and it looks really nice. I have that whole “v” shape too. I finally got the abs after 2 years of sit-ups. Problem is that I have some stomach fat, and you can only see […]

I Am Guy (20 Years Old) I Am Fat And How Can I Lose Chest Fat ? I Have Fat In My Chest … I Am Sad … ?

Multiply your current weight by 10 then multiply your answer by 1.7…this will tell you how much calories you need per day in order to keep the same weight you are right now…so if your trying to lose weight..you should cut down about 200-700 calories per day calories a day.

How Come I Still Have Small Belly Fat And Man Boobs?

I am 5’7 and i am 13 years old boy who weighs 120 pounds. which is at a healthy bmi. but i still have a small belly fat and small man boobs. How do i lose them

Im 14 And Have Man Boobs Can Building Up Muscles In The Chest Firm It?

im 14 and i have man boobs. i know its only temporary(i hope) but i have a classmate that teases me and i feel very shy when i see my crush. if i build up muscles especially in the chest will it make it good to see?