Will I Lose Fat And Gain Muscle With This Workout?

Alright guys heres what I’ve been doing. Tell me what you think.. Monday, Wednesday, Friday -3 sets, 10 reps of Flat Chest Bench -3 sets, 10,10,8 Dumbell Flat Bench -3sets, 10 reps single Bicep curls -3 sets, 10 reps, straight bar Bicep burls 1 mile of running, and 2 miles on the bike Tuesday, Thursday […]

Trying To Lose Fat And Gain Muscle?

So I am 6’1, 295, and 24 years old male. I have started going to the gym about a month ago and I am noticing that I am much firmer but not thinner. I work out for a little over an hour five days a week. I do 12 reps and four sets on each […]

How Do I Lose Fat And Weight And Gain Muscle And Lose My Man Boobs?

I have man boobs and im a bit overweight… I need to lose weight and fat and gain muscle… I really want to lose my man boobs

How Do I Lose The Fat On My Chest And Gain Muscle On My Chest And Abs?

I used to be fat, but I lost all the weight and now im pretty skinny, but theres fat left over on my chest, and I want to get rid of it and gain some muscle there, and on my abs, but I dont know how. Im 5´5, 124 pounds( I used to be 149), […]

How To Lose Chest Fat And Gain Muscle?

Hey im a 16 yr old male 5’10” and between 160-170 and im wantin to kno of a really good and successful way of losin chest fat. ive got a little bit of fat at the end of my **** which makes them pointyish which really sucks so any good suggestions on how to lose […]