Excersizes To Target The Chest?

I am 5’10”, 195 lbs. I have been trying to lose some weight just for the sake of it and I am having a hard time trying to lose some fat in my chest. Right now, I prefer to do power lifting on free weights and some cardio when i go to the gym. I […]

Good Ways Of Losing Chest Fat?

I lift weights and exercise normally because I am in football but i still seem to have a little bit of fat around the gut and chest area aka man boobs…I know that theres muscle in my chest area b/c i can feel them when i flex but it seems like there isnt very much […]

Will Swimming Make My Chest Smaller, Im A Guy And Want To Lose Some Fat On Them?

I know swimming is a great excercise, but will it make my chest smaller and more muscular, also will it form abs, and burn fat around my body if i swim everyday about 1k straight. 10 points for awnser

Losing Chest Fat???? Help!!!!!!!!!!!!?

ok so im 5’9″ and 165 pounds. i dont have alot of fat just a small layer on my abdominals. but what has been bothering me is that i have muscle in my pecs but i have been wanting to lose some fat on my chest. any help?

Im 16 Years Old I Need To Lose Wait And Chest Fat But Im Just Not Motavated To Work Out?

im very nervous about runing and people say push ups will make my chest bigger what should i do if i do push ups and sit ups my chest should flaten out wright please help me