Why Would Your Friend Tell You Her Husband Is A Boob Man?

Is it just me or is that to much information?

Do All Men Like Big Boobs? What Are The Perfect Boobs For You? Can Small Boobs Look Good For “boob Man?”

I just found out (by implying, hinting, asking indirectly) the guy whom I really like is a “boob man.” I appreciate his honesty, but I can’t help feeling a little insecure about my body image. I have barely B cup breasts. I am just wondering when a man says he’s a breast man, does he […]

Is God A Boob Or Leg Man?

I think he’s a boob man. Spain mortgages

I Am A 15 Year Old Boy Who Is Facing Man Boob Problems, I Am 140 Pounds And 5’10. Not Overweight. Suggestions?

Kay, so. I have a problem with man boobs and its not that bad, but it is noticeable when my shirt comes off. I am 140 pounds, 5’10 and do excersise and do chest workouts. Is there any workouts that would benefit me? Ive been doing incline dumbbell flies, flat dumbbell flies, bench press, dumbbell […]

My Friend Needs Help With His Man Boob Problem Plz Help?

ok my friend has man boobs that stick out kinda far lol like umm, an inch or so. we starting skool soon and he wants to hide them. so i told him to put athletic adhesive tape around it to hide them. the only problem is we aint sure if it’s gunna hold up when […]