How Do I Lose Abdominal Fat Without Losing Chest, Arm, Back Muslce?

Basicly, im 5’8 175 and want to GAIN weight (about 5 lbs) but in muscle, but lose my abdominal fat. Problem is, to gain muscle you need to gain a little fat. Should i put on ten more pounds of muscle/fat, then start doing cardio? I take creatine and lift, but do no cardio, eat […]

Will Working Out Mostly My Back And Shoulders Help Get Rid Of Man Boobs?

Too much chest workout would cause an imbalance, causing man boobs, right? Heavy Metal Bands

How Can I Lose My Belly Fat, Chest Fat And Back Fat And Be Ripped In Like 5 Months?

Im 16 about 5’7 and about 178 lbs. and im tryin to look good for the summer. I REALLY NEED ADVICE