Man Breasts & The Man Boob Solution

Man Breasts are an embarrassment for most men and something they generally try to hide or get rid of.

SECRETS of Concealing Man Boobs
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The term comes from the pectoral area of a man resembling that of a female and is often refferred to as Gynecomastia pronounced: ɡaɪnɨkɵˈmæstiə.

Gynecomastia (often mis-spelled as gynocomastia) is the development of abnormally large mammary glands in males resulting in breast enlargement. The term comes from the Greek γυνή gyne (stem gynaik-) meaning “woman” and μαστός mastos meaning “breast”


Gynecomastia however can often cause much confusion in men and their man boob / man breasts condition.

The reason for this, is people often wrongly believe that gynecomastia and man breasts are interchangeable. It is not true and a more accurate description is that Gynecomastia falls under the man boob umbrella.

Man boobs can be 1 of 2 things, Gynecomastia or excess fat.

95% of all men who have man breasts do in fact not have gynecomastia. There are other posts on the subject on the site, please visit the link above.

Most men thankfully can reduce their man boobs by diet and exercise. There is little use in undertaking a regime of calorie reduction and exercise. You need to be specific if you want to lose chest fat in weeks.

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Gynecomastia requires surgery and costs around $5k+. It can come back but can be suppressed by Gynexin, a gynecomastia pill that many have had results from. I have not used them myself but have seen good results in others.

If you want to view their site, here is the link.

All the best and feel free to do as much research on the site as you wish. Gl and I hope you find what you were looking for, here is to no more man breasts!