Trying To Lose Fat And Gain Muscle?

So I am 6’1, 295, and 24 years old male. I have started going to the gym about a month ago and I am noticing that I am much firmer but not thinner. I work out for a little over an hour five days a week. I do 12 reps and four sets on each machine (not free weighted machine but controlled movement machine:
Pull-down(105lb), Triceps ext (100 lb), Seated Leg Curl (90 lb), seated bicep (65lb), seated shoulder press (35 lb), calf extension (210), abs (50lb 5 sets of 12), Seated leg extension (85 lb), row/rear deltoid (75 lb), pectoral fly (90 lb), hip abduction (180 lb), hip adduction (185 lb, chest press (55), and back extension (150 lb).
I give myself 30-1 min in between each finished set. Like I said, I am just starting and would like to get so advise on what I need to start doing to lose more fat as I get more muscle..
If you know nothing in regards to this subject please refrain from messaging a comment or giving advice.

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