What Is The True Gynecomastia Cost?

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Just wanted to make a quick post on the true gynecomastia cost that it’s sufferers are exposed to. What exactly is a cost, is it purely monetery? Is there a deeper cost, an emotional cost that goes with it and if so is it reversable.

I am sure for most of you who have had the disease for a while will know too well the sacrifices you make or have made in your journey to resolve such a condition. I am not going to go into psychological aspects of living with a man boob problem, as someone who has been through it myself and come through the other side, I think it will be patronising – you as an individual will know too well.

But I wanted to give at least an insight for those who are looking to diminish their male breasts and of whom are just setting off on their own path, the costs of certain things they may decide to use whilst on that road. I also wanted to take the opportunity to heed warning to the mindless dross and mis-information that exists online and indeed off it.

There are many who do not understand the difference between gynecomastia and false gynecomastia. Each in itself is a problem, a completely seperate problem of which should both be tackled seperately too. Although there is some cohesion between the two, they are undoubtedly unique in their own ways.

To understand the solution we must first understand the problem, but to resolve some ignorances i shall group the following under the term male breasts.

Ultimately the formation of certain tissue and /or fat under the nipple area and above the pectoral muscle cause the area to resemble that of a female breast. Sometime this can be hard to diagnose for doctors, but visiting them is something i would recommend as they can run hormonal tests to check for oestrogen and testosterone imbalances.

Something you will also need to note is the ignorances also faced by your own physician, it is something they will not be too prepared for, especially in my own experience (although for obvious reasons it will not be something they would ever admit to).

A reason for this is:

1. The rise of gynecomastia for several reasons I shall not go into has exceeded exponential functions, many doctors not being prepared for it.

2. Contrary to the thoughts of some, gynecomastia is not always treated by surgery (it can come back) and there ARE other ways it can be resolved. A testemant to this is the fact it can come back, something happeneing in the mean time (between those who have had surgery and it reappearing) has resulted in the gynecomastia reforming which is a problem, problems have causes and causes have solutions.

3. Gynecomastia surgey will cost you $6000. Do you think if a doctor has a choice between telling you SPECIFICALLY how you can lose your man boobs and give you all of the secrets about diet, exercise and all the other tips as opposed to getting paid thatthey would tell you?

Medicine is a business, a huge one, don’t forget that and be niave about it. Ask a doctor what car he drives and then look at your chest. You see male breasts and he sees money bags, sad but true. Not a universal truth, but just take note of it, hospitals have targets just like any other business.

So the gynecomastia cost, although surgery isn’t always necessary by any means it will cost you about $6k if you go for it.

Gynexin Review

There are Gynexin pills, I cant really say much about these, I had been doing work to reduce my man boobs falready and only bought 1 bottle, a month later I was happy with how they looked, much less puffy but can’t say if it was them or not, was already seeing progress before i bought them.

They have a 100% gurantee to refund your money if you’re not happy so you have nothing to lose in trying, I would only use in combination with other methods though.

Here is a testimonial from the site which you can find here: Gynexin Website

“ I ordered 2 bottles earlier this year and saw such significant results
I was compelled to order again. Your product was just what I was
searching for!”

They are $69.95 and will last 1 month

Might be worth a try yourself, don’t buy loads – see how it works for you if you do – also let us know how it goes so I can maybe add your review for others to see on this site, good or bad.


The book to your right is there for one reason, it’s what i used to help me. I don’t own the book it is not mine, if you have any questions about the book please ask the owner of the book, it is nothing to do with me. If you have any questions about info inside the book, that’s fine, any technical stuff, get in touch with them. It is their product which I am more than happy to promote because it WILL work. I saw it on TV and paid $129.95 for it but it’s $47 at the minute so get it while it’s hot.

Hopefully you will get a nice flat chest like this!

The book has all the info you need and WILL get rid of the man boob problem you have if you implement those strategy’s.

So i hope this helped a bit and gave you some pointers on how to get started – the rest is up to you.

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