Lose Chest Fat

Do you want to lose chest fat? We have all heard on the news, seen on the tv and listened on the radio the constant barrage of weight loss advertisements, reports and costs of being overweight, but the amount of bad advise – even from reputable sources is astonishing!

SECRETS of Concealing Man Boobs
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We see people focused on calories calories calories, you need to eat less and exercise more, it’s a total fad and a complete myth. What if i told you that losing weight wasn’t about calories taken in minus the calories used = your bmi (body mass index)?

Well it is a complete myth. It’s just not what happens. The adverts you have probably seen of girls in bikinis chasing new snack bars because they are 0% fat or low calorie bars – a complete marketing ploy and one we know doesn’t help peoples weight – look at how many are obese today.  If you want to lose chest fat then that is not an option to follow.

Now, being obese is being obese and may have nothing to do with a man boob problem, but let’s look at the situation when it does – a.k.a “false gynecomastia”. For some of you that will be a new term and it is one people with this very man boob problem who believe they have gynecomastia need to take heed of.

Your problem is not due to a hormonal imbalance, (read this Gynecomastia Cost review) it is literally fatty tissue by the mammary glads that is your problem. The reason you get this hard lumpy fat (check yourself) is (and listen because the people who know this is a tiny drop in the ocean) mainly due to insulin. Yup – insulin.

The first thing in most peoples head when I say this is diabetes or other similar thoughts, but it isn’t. So why is it important? When you eat certain sugars and certain carbohydrates, (mostly processed carbohydrates) the insulin in your body combines with these compounds to form really hard fatty tissue. This just doesn’t happen on the chest area but the stomach too, but if your man boob problem is derived from false gynecomastia, this is likely to be your cause and you need to lose chest fat – this should be fantastic news for you – why?

This means it is in your hands – there is a “gynecomastia cure” for you guys. Now dieting and exercise will get you nowhere. You need to be smart about it. Now you know the problem you can start to look at the solution. If you are serious and want to lose chest fat, join our mailing list today.