How Do Get Pecs Not Man Boobs?

Not weights and not going to the gym. What can help you get pecs instead of man boobs? Would swimming help and a healthy diet?

Losing Chest Fat???? Help!!!!!!!!!!!!?

ok so im 5’9″ and 165 pounds. i dont have alot of fat just a small layer on my abdominals. but what has been bothering me is that i have muscle in my pecs but i have been wanting to lose some fat on my chest. any help?

Do All Men Like Big Boobs? What Are The Perfect Boobs For You? Can Small Boobs Look Good For “boob Man?”

I just found out (by implying, hinting, asking indirectly) the guy whom I really like is a “boob man.” I appreciate his honesty, but I can’t help feeling a little insecure about my body image. I have barely B cup breasts. I am just wondering when a man says he’s a breast man, does he […]

Best Way To Lose Moobs And Belly Fat?

I started exercising a couple of months back but then after noticing i was getting stretch marks around my waist, legs and biceps i soon gave up. I want to lose fat around my chest, stomach and legs without stretch marks also i cant really control my diet as i “get what im given”. Any […]

How Do You Get Rid Of ‘man Boobs’?

I don’t have them, but I’m afraid of getting them. What are some exercises I can do that will work out my chest/pecks area and prevent man boobs?