Excersizes To Target The Chest?

I am 5’10”, 195 lbs. I have been trying to lose some weight just for the sake of it and I am having a hard time trying to lose some fat in my chest. Right now, I prefer to do power lifting on free weights and some cardio when i go to the gym. I […]

Can A Man Get Breast Cancer Even Though Hes A Guy?

If like he had very big man boobs or something?

How to Lose Man Breasts

Knowing how to Lose Man Breasts effectively can be the key to your success or not. Not merely because the knowledge to cure such an unfortunate problem is essential for obvious reasons, but having to battle against something you are fighting incorrectly can become a massive strain emotionally. Perhaps it is fortunate then that, there […]

Lower Abs Workout

Lower Abs Workout on the “rectus abdominus” otherwise knows as the lower abs. The best lower ab exercises if done correctly will help you get lower abs quick. So we are going to do some lower abdominal muscles exercises to achieve just that! Hanging Leg Raises Step 1 Hang from the abs chair or bar […]

Workouts For Abs

OK. Although this is a site primarily for man boob suffers, we have been getting alot of requests for the next step – workouts for abs because you guys have been doing so well. Clearly you have lost your man boobs and want to take it to the next level. To go from hiding to […]