Workouts For Abs

OK. Although this is a site primarily for man boob suffers, we have been getting alot of requests for the next step – workouts for abs because you guys have been doing so well.

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Clearly you have lost your man boobs and want to take it to the next level. To go from hiding to wanting to being seen 🙂 – Nothing wrong with that either!

It is important to know that although workouts for abs are important for a six pack, we need to cover the bases very quickly. If you want a 6 pack then you also need to have a solid diet and be doing cardio – otherwise any work out for abs is useless.

For an effective ab exercise do the following:

A lower abs workout:

Lie flat on the floor with your lower back pressed to the ground. This is important! Make sure it is flat and you are comfortable to avoid any back and neck problems, Ignore at your own risk!

Keep your arms beside your body. If you have your arms behind your head, then as you get tired you WILL tend o use your arms for help, this will put pressure on your neck and can cause injury. Bring your legs up to about 45- degree angle and slowly raise untill you feel it pulling.

Once there hold for 3 seconds and lower to the floor.

  1. Lie on the floor and place your fingers by your side.
  2. Bring the legs upwards off the floor without bending your knees.
  3. Keep the legs straight, as straight as possible for the best lower ab workout.
  4. Hold for 3 seconds and release back to the ground.
  5. Continue to do so 8-10 and complete this 3 times..

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