Lower Abs Workout

Lower Abs WorkoutLower Abs Workout on the “rectus abdominus” otherwise knows as the lower abs.

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The best lower ab exercises if done correctly will help you get lower abs quick. So we are going to do some lower abdominal muscles exercises to achieve just that!

Hanging Leg Raises

Step 1 Hang from the abs chair or bar with your legs slightly bent and your hips flexed at around a 20 degree angle.

Step 2:  From the starting point, bring your knees up as high as you can towards your chest or chin.  Lower your legs slowly to the original position with your abs contracted tightly.

Note: Bring knees ALL the way up to your chin or you will NOT train your abdominals. This is a very underperformed exercise and commonly done wrong. Bringing your knees all the way up will help you work out your lower abbs.

You can also twist your legs at the bottom and raise your knees towards your chin.

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