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Hello, my name is Jerry Finch and welcome to

You are undoubtedly here because you are fed up, sick and tired of having your man boobs have such a profound effect on your life, you want to know How to Lose Man Breasts – now!

2 years ago I had them myself so I can feel your pain. I was embarrassed to go out, I hated wearing t-shirts that weren’t loose and I disliked how much they took over my life. I felt that they really held me back from being free and doing what I liked.

Swimming was a big no, no holidays on the beach. It had to change. I did some research, tried countless products and took plenty of advice but nothing seemed to work.

Then I came across a website that literally changed my life. I had grown so skeptical of the chance someone could help me with my problem, but I had reached the end of my tether and so took the plunge, I bought the book and followed everything they said precisely.

The changes were nothing short of phenomenal and I kept thinking if only I could have found this earlier!

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After I lost my man boobs a mere 8 weeks later, yes, 8 weeks, I started to live as though I had never had the problem in the first place. I booked a trip to Angola and had my first beach holiday in as long as I could remember, this is where I met my wife and I think today what would have happened if I had never found that information.

I am so grateful for it everyday, I lived my life as I had wanted to for so long and started my own design business.

All was going well and actually still is, but I saw a newspaper article on how people who have gynecomastia are paying thousands of dollars to have the problem solved for them, the article reported that cases had increases by about 200% in just 5 years. This was crazy!

I knew from my own research that close to 95% of men had something called pseudogynecomastia, something that can be cured without surgery.

So after being able to change my life around due to the information I had found and being so appreciative of it, I decided I would make a website that would help people who are in the same situation as I was merely 2 years ago.

It is a website that now gets almost 10,000 men from all over the world flocking to it for help and it’s something I am very proud of in such a short space of time.

I don’t own the book I used for myself, I paid $130 for it 2 years ago. The same information I bought 2 years ago however is now only $39.95… a small price to pay for your freedom back don’t you think?

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If you can’t afford that then take a look at the free information that is on the website and our man boob forum as it’s quality stuff. You can’t argue when it’s free!

I hope you find what you are looking for and hope you get your deserved success – you CAN do it! It’s your life, grasp it!

– Jerry

P.S – It isn’t ALL serious! = ) Watch the video below.